Irma Trailers

Irma Trailers

IRMAWe are now sole agents and distributors for Irma livestock trailers in Ireland and UK.

I.R.M.A. is one of the most important factory in its sector and offers a first-rate strong, practical and functional product and gives the guarantee of a long life at operating limited costs assuring the well-being of the transported animals, applying and exceeding the community regulations.

The factory offers its service to customers such as traders, truck owner-operators, breeders and it's always looking for serious and practical solutions to facilitate their job. Moreover it can satisfy each type of demand with equipments made to measure, through a careful analysis of the choice of the materials, on the plans, a wide choice of types of equipment, the use of skilled labour, turning the attention, not only to the customers, but also to the transported animals. Market allowance has been expanding itself from a local to a big portion of community and non Europe community on.


During these last years the brand is still expanding itself through new contacts and is greatly esteemed. The factory offers many services: not only its production but also Customer service includes repairing assistance, as far as the maintenances, and second hand box division.

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